LignoTUBE – the new semi-finished product for lightweight construction.

Lightweight construction.

LignoTUBEs are lightweight tubes made of real wood, which consist of multilayered veneer plies. In combination with a specially developed technology it is possible to save more raw materials and weight compared to a solid wooden spar. This results in lightweight and highly resilient tubes particularly suitable for constructional tasks.


A conscious handling of resources is our top priority. Through the efficient use of raw materials in production we contribute to saving valuable natural resources. Our approach of efficient material use consequently creates the possibility of substituting existent constructional materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, carbon or plastics. LignoTUBE was awarded with Gold at the MATERIALICA Design + Technology Award 2013 in the category of “CO2-Efficiency”.


In order to meet our high standards of quality and design requirements, we use only the best of the wood: veneer. Hardly any other material offers so many different facets concerning structure, texture and color. By processing the veneer to LignoTUBEs, an incredible variety of application fields results. To customize this design elements almost all types of wood can be used and different dimensions are specifically available.