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Ladies and gentlemen, dear customers and business partners,

It is with a heavy heart that we hereby announce the closure of LIGNOTUBE. If no buyer or investor is found in the next few weeks, the production of the wooden pipes will be irretrievably discontinued.

Currently still available goods will soon be offered with a special discount in the store while stocks last. New wooden pipes are no longer produced.

We would like to thank all our customers and business partners who have believed in us and the wooden tube product.

We are of course available to clarify any questions you may have. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We thank you for your understanding and wish you all the best.

LIGNOTUBE wood tubes – the new wood material for hollow profiles

First of all: We call our wooden tubes LignoTUBEs. The name is a mixture of the Latin “lignum” for wood and the English “tube”. But our LignoTUBEs are not just tubes made of wood. LignoTUBE wooden tubes – the new wooden material for hollow profiles are plywood with a round cross-section – made in Dresden. Our innovative wooden tubes combine the topics of lightweight construction, design and ecology – all based on the raw material wood used.

We manufacture LignoTUBEs in different sizes and types of wood and thus cover a wide range of applications. Through our industrial wooden tube production, we achieve a high degree of reproducibility of technical properties. LignoTUBEs thus represent the first real ecological alternative to existing tube materials such as aluminium, steel, carbon or plastic.


Unique product design

Our wooden tubes simply embellish every product, both in terms of appearance and feel.


Natural lightweight construction

Due to their production, LignoTUBEs are very stable and lightweight.


Renewable wood

Wooden tubes are mostly made of wood – more ecology is not possible.


Function integration

Solid on the outside, but hollow on the inside and plenty of room for cool features.

LignoTUBE wood tube standard ash perspective

LIGNOTUBE wooden tubes assortment

LignoTUBE specializes purely in the manufacture of wooden tubes and their further processing. We produce our wooden tubes on an industrial scale and are therefore able to serve customer requests from individual do-it-yourselfers to international major customers. We supply wooden tubes from one piece to large series with several thousand meters. Our range is divided into:

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LIGNOTUBE wooden tubes additional services

In addition to the pure manufacture and sale of wooden tubes, we also offer a variety of processing options as a service: from cutting to the millimeter to high-quality surface finishing. Due to our options for further processing, we also see ourselves as a supplier of ready-to-assemble components, including for furniture construction, lighting construction or interiors.

LignoTUBE wooden tube service