LignoTUBE customized

LignoTUBE wooden tubes in a customized design are wooden tubes that can be freely configured according to customer requirements. By individually selecting all product features, we can respond to your customer requirements as much as possible and thus offer the best price/performance ratio for your application.

This offer is aimed exclusively at business and industrial customers with a minimum purchase quantity of 240 meters per tube configuration.

Please use the following configuration steps:

  1. Cross section (inner diameter + 2 x wall thickness = outer diameter)
  2. Length (tube length x number of pieces = total length)
  3. Type of wood (inner, intermediate and outer layer)

1st step: cross section

Graphic inner diameter

inner diameter

Our wooden tube production is based on tools that define the inner diameter of the tube. The following tools and inner diameters are currently available:

20 mm / 25 mm / 30 mm / 35 mm / 40 mm / 50 mm / 60 mm / 65 mm / 70 mm / 75 mm / 80 mm / 85 mm / 90 mm / 100 mm

graphic wall thickness

Wall thickness

Depending on the mechanical stress of the end use of the wooden tube, an appropriate wall thickness is recommended. We can produce the following wall thicknesses:

1.5 mm / 2.0 mm / 2.5 mm / 3.0 mm / 3.5 mm / 4.0 mm / 4.5 mm / 5.0 mm

2nd step: length

We produce wooden tubes that are around 6 meters long and can saw them to size according to customer requirements. In order to achieve the best possible cutting quality, we have developed a special sawing technique. We therefore recommend that you have us do the cutting for quality reasons and to keep transport costs low.

The ideal cutting dimension should be between 50 and 3,000 mm , special lengths outside this range are associated with additional costs.

Please note that the minimum order quantity of a normal order is 240 m of a tube configuration.

When paying a surcharge for small quantities, the minimum order quantity is 60 m of a tube configuration.

3rd step: type of wood

Based on your selected wall thickness, the wall of your wooden tube is made of several layers of wood. You can choose from different types of wood for the inner, intermediate and outer layer and thus customize your wooden tube in the best possible way. The following standard types of wood are available:

We use brown ash wood as standard for the intermediate layers. In addition to the standard types of wood shown, we can use almost all striped veneers from European and North American woods. Please note that we do not use native tropical woods.

As an extension to veneers from natural wood types, we can also use design veneers for the outer layer.

Feel free to ask us about the types of wood you want. We would be happy to advise you and can choose from a wide range of wood species and design veneers.

4th step: optional tube processing

In addition to pure wooden tube production and cutting to length, we can also offer you other tube processing options. Please ask for an offer separately.

LignoTUBE customized product selection


Variant 1: LignoTUBE wooden tube 50 x 5.0 x 95 mm in ash

  1. Inner Diameter: 40 mm
  2. Wall Thickness: 5.0 mm
  3. Length: 95 m
  4. Type of wood inside / between / outside: ash brown core / ash brown core / ash
  5. Order quantity: 2,500 pieces (around 240 m total length)

Variant 2: LignoTUBE wooden tube 107 x 3.5 x 300 mm in walnut

  1. Inner diameter: 100 mm
  2. Wall Thickness: 3.5 mm
  3. Length: 300 mm
  4. Type of wood inside / between / outside: walnut / brown core ash / walnut
  5. Order quantity: 1,000 pieces (around 300 m total length)

Variant 3: LignoTUBE wooden tube 23 x 1.5 x 1,500 mm in oak

  1. Inner Diameter: 20 mm
  2. Wall thickness: 1.5 mm
  3. Length: 1,500 mm
  4. Choice of wood type inside / between / outside: oak / oak / oak
  5. Order quantity: 5,000 pieces (around 7,500 m total length)

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