LignoTUBE – the round veneer composite.

LignoTUBEs are constructed of several layers of wood veneer, which are joined to a ply composite by a special process. In the course of this process all layers are cross laminated, resulting in a composition not unlike fine plywood. Corresponding to the number and thickness of the individual layers a defined wall thickness is produced. In addition, the fiber orientation can be set at an angle, as with other composites. Dimension and number of layers can be adjusted accordingly to best suit the application, ensuring the best possible quality and maximum durability under stress.

Something for every taste.

LignoTUBEs can be finished with a variety of veneers. Especially with the visible cover layer, there is a wide selection of veneers, from light ash to walnut or dark smoked oak. Almost all striped veneers are usable. The standardized manufacturing process makes it easy to use alternative cover layers to increase product diversity. In order to meet the individual requirements even further, also design or Fineline veneers can be processed – the possibilities are almost unlimited. For the inner layers ash is used by default.

Variety in dimension.

LignoTUBEs are available in different dimensions. As a fixed size, the length produced is 6 m, while the wall thickness can be configured from 1,5 to 10 mm. The inner diameter can be selected in increments of 5 mm ranging from 20 mm to 100 mm.

Simplicity of handling.

LignoTUBEs can be processed in many ways. Therefore, almost all conventional wood processing tools can be used, no special tools are necessary. In addition, all normal wood work processes such as sawing, grinding, drilling and varnishing are possible.

Additional processing.

In addition to manufacturing custom LignoTUBEs, we offer our customers extra customization options. These include the cutting to individual lengths (straight or miter), milling (pockets, holes, flanges), subsequent labeling by various methods (laser, fire stamp or tampon / screen printing) and surface coating with oil, wax or lacquer.

The solution for various applications.

LignoTUBEs can be used for a wide range of constructive and/or design applications. The extraordinary resilience as well as the exclusive, spiral design are expressed here. Exemplary applications can be found, for example, as a chair leg in furniture construction, as a lampshade in luminaire construction, as a high-quality can in the packaging sector, as a musical instrument or as a component of consumer products – there are almost no limits to creativity.