Lammhults – Penne

Penne combines the spirit of Scandinavian chair design with the requirements of the modern contract furniture market. In accordance with the Lammhults design tradition, the chair was intended as an iconic piece of furniture and a real industrial product at the same time. Penne is the world’s first chair made of laminated wooden tubes. The Penne chair has its hallmark both in material innovation and in aesthetics. Craftsmanship and technology meet in a unique concept.

Ryterdesign – Lü

LÜ* is the first mechanically dimmable luminaire, cable-free and equipped with a rechargeable battery: lamp and power bank for small electronic devices in one. LÜ is a haptic experience – the veneer tubes feel good and with a simple movement of the hand the metaphor „it will be light“ can be impressively realized.

* Romansh for light

NUD Collection – Tube Cane

Cane is a trendy wooden lamp holder made of real oak. This is a lightweight, resilient and eco friendly tube with a sense of style.