LignoTUBE is a division and registered trademark of the traditional company Dresdner Gardinen- und Spitzenmanufaktur M. & S. Schröder GmbH & Co. KG in Dresden.

South view of building C

LignoTUBE is specialized in the production of wooden tubes. By combining several technologies it is for the first time possible to produce round tubes made of real wood. They are light and at the same time highly loadable. A key role is played here by the extremely material-efficient and thus resource-saving use of the raw material wood under use of veneer. LignoTUBEs are suitable for a wide variety of applications, whether as a decorative element in the interior or for lightweight construction.

Research Seal of the Stifterverband 2020/2021

In 2020, the Dresdner Gardinen- und Spitzenmanufaktur was awarded the “Innovative Through Research” seal. With this award, the Stifterverband has honored companies for their research and special responsibility, which they assume for the state and society.