Wooden tube processing

In addition to the pure manufacture and sale of wooden tubes, we also offer a variety of processing options as a service: from cutting to the millimeter to high-quality surface finishing. Due to our options for further processing, we also see ourselves as a supplier of ready-to-assemble components, including for furniture construction, lighting construction or interiors.

We offer the following processing:

  • Cap length cut: 50 – 3,000 mm
  • Miter cut: 45-90° to the tube axis
  • Edge processing: 45° chamfers or rounding r1 – r5, special sizes on request
  • Surface coating: oil, laquer or rubber
  • Bores: 0.5 / 1.0 … 13.0 mm, special sizes on request
  • Milling: Pockets or free forms according to technical drawing or CAD
  • Branding of logos, lettering etc.
    • laser engraving
    • branding iron
    • pad printing

We also offer the following services for industrial customers:

  • packaging design
  • final product assembly
  • product packaging