LignoTUBE is a division and registered trademark of the long-established Dresdner Gardinen- und Spitzenmanufaktur M. & S. Schröder GmbH & Co. KG based in Dresden.

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LignoTUBE has specialized in the production of wooden tubes on an industrial scale. By interweaving several technologies into a new type of production, round tubes made of real wood can be produced for the first time, which are light and at the same time highly resilient. The extremely material-efficient and thus resource-saving use of the raw material wood with the use of wood veneer plays a key role here. LignoTUBE wooden tubes are suitable for a wide range of applications, whether for example as a decorative element in the interior or for constructive purposes in lightweight construction.

Due to our options for further processing, we also see ourselves as a supplier of ready-to-assemble components, including for furniture construction, lighting construction or interiors.

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