Sample set wooden tubes ash standard – outer diameter 25 to 105 mm (16 pieces)


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  • Sample set consisting of 16 pieces of wooden tubes
  • Outside diameters from 25 mm to 105 mm (in increments of 5)
  • Wood species ash
  • Wall thickness 2.5 mm and length 100 mm

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Our sample set wooden tubes ash standard represents our complete standard assortment of the wood species ash.

Variety for creative projects: Our sample set of wooden tubes offers a wide selection of outer diameters, including 25 mm, 30 mm, 35 mm, 40 mm, 45 mm, 50 mm, 55 mm, 60 mm, 65 mm, 70 mm, 75 mm, 80 mm, 85 mm, 90 mm, 95 mm und 105 mm. Discover the different diameters and create impressive designs.

High quality ash: Each piece in our sample set is made of high quality ash. This type of wood is characterized by its stability, natural beauty and durability.

Precise wall thickness and length: Our wooden tubes have a consistent wall thickness of 2.5mm, which gives them strength. Each piece in the sample set is 100 mm long, so you can immediately start your creative brainstorming.

Ideal for product designers and creators, our sample set is aimed at product designers, creators and creative minds looking for high-quality materials to bring their unique ideas to life. Design furniture pieces, decorative elements and more.

Versatile application possibilities: With our sample set you can realize a wide variety of projects. Design prototypes, create custom products, expand your materials library, and let your creativity run wild.

Discover the fascination of our wooden tubes in the sample set and be inspired by the numerous application possibilities. Whether you’re a product designer, furniture maker, hobbyist or artist, our wood tubes provide the perfect foundation for exceptional projects. Order now and let your creative ideas become reality!

For more information about our sample set wooden tubes ash standard please also use our information about the standard portfolio under LignoTUBE standard.

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